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Do you have damaged teeth after gum disease? Do you wish you had a more attractive smile? We provide a range of smile makeover solutions for patients that want to rebuild, restore, enhance or transform their smile! Let us put together a custom package that will address all of your concerns and give you the smile you have always dreamed about.

Benefits of Full Mouth Reconstruction

Our smile transformations have changed many patients’ lives. Just take a look at some of our dental treatment before-and-after photos to see the amazing outcomes our team has created over the years! The benefits of full mouth reconstruction include:

  • Customized for the patient
  • Rejuvenates the smile
  • All procedures performed in-house
  • Only high-quality materials used
  • Fills gaps and spaces
  • Restores asymmetrical, broken or uneven teeth
  • Rebuilds damaged or compromised teeth

What Procedures Can Be Included in Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Dr. Rallis and Dr. Chondrogiannis have decades of combined experienced performing full mouth reconstruction procedures. If you need orthodontic treatment, you can turn to Dr. Rallis, who is also a former instructor and a speaker for Invisalign®. Our dentists commonly utilize the following treatments in cases of full mouth rehabilitation:

  • Same Day Dental Crowns: Crafted in-house from high-quality material, crowns are durable dental coverings designed to protect and strengthen teeth that have been weakened by severe decay or damage. They are manufactured to blend in seamlessly with your smile, offering aesthetic benefits in addition to improved biting function. Our practice utilizes technology that can manufacture your custom-designed crowns on the same day as your visit, canceling the need for an outside dental lab as well as turnaround time.
  • Dental Bridges: When you have multiple missing consecutive teeth that need replacement, dental bridges can serve as a sturdy and natural-looking solution to fill the expanse of the absent space. Bridges are made in-house on the same day of your visit and are considered a long-lasting restorative solution that does not require the need for retreatment.
  • Dental Implants: Dental implants are a cutting-edge treatment to replace missing teeth for a result that can truly look and feel like a natural part of your mouth. Placed with the care and expertise of Dr. Chondrogiannis, our periodontist, dental implants are affixed to your jawbone for the ultimate security and designed to act similarly to a natural tooth root. Furthermore, if you require replacement of a full dental arch, implant dentures can be an excellent way to recover function and appearance without the inconveniences presented by traditional dentures.
  • Porcelain Veneers: Porcelain veneers can be the ideal solution to mask common aesthetic dental flaws, such as chips, gaps, cracks, and minor misalignments. Composed of strong and stain-resistant porcelain, veneers can restore the proportions of a full and healthy tooth structure for a beautiful outcome that often lasts decades with good oral hygiene.
  • Invisalign®: If your smile and oral health are being hindered by bite issues or tooth misalignment, Invisalign® clear aligners can inconspicuously straighten your smile through discreet and effective treatment. As the aligners are virtually invisible as well as removable, Invisalign® offers the benefits of metal-free orthodontic treatment while allowing you to continue enjoying your favorite foods.
  • Gum Disease Treatment and Aftercare: Periodontal disease, or gum disease, can lead to severe deterioration of gum tissue as well as bone and tooth loss if left untreated. A pivotal part of smile makeovers is often comprehensive treatment for bacterial infections and diseases in the mouth. Our practice employs several effective therapies to restore the health of your oral structures.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Steps

The smile reconstruction process is unique to each patient. Each treatment will begin with a thorough consultation, in which our dentists will listen to your concerns, ask you about your goals, and examine your oral structures. At this time, you and Dr. Rallis will work together to create a personalized treatment plan around your needs and treatment goals. This will detail the most ideal procedures to recover a beautiful smile as well as a healthy bite. If you wish to complement your treatment with sedation dentistry, Dr. Rallis will go over each technique to decide the most beneficial approach. Our dentists will then determine the best order with which your treatments will take place, and ensure you understand what to expect throughout the entire full mouth rehabilitation process.

How Much Does a Full Mouth Reconstruction Cost?

As reconstruction is different for each patient, the cost of your treatment plan will be calculated according to your unique needs. In addition to the types of procedures necessary to achieve your desired results, factors that may affect your cost estimate include:

  • The type of materials used
  • Whether sedation dentistry was utilized
  • How many restorations were necessary
  • The overall complexity of your treatment

The expertise of your cosmetic dentist and the geographic location of treatment also generally influence the price of full mouth reconstruction. While the true expense is impossible to ascertain without knowledge of your unique situation, our office will provide you with a personalized quote and complete price breakdown once your needs are assessed in a consultation.

We understand that many patients are hesitant to begin the process of attaining their dream smile due to apprehensions about the cost of treatment. Our dentists believe that no patient should be prevented from receiving the oral care they deserve for financial reasons, which is why our practice works with CareCredit®— one of the most reputable and widely used dental financing companies in the country. Offering many flexible payment plans with low monthly installments, this can allow qualified candidates to bring the price of their full mouth reconstruction into budget. In addition, we accept most major payment methods and a range of insurance plans. Please don’t hesitate to contact our practice for any questions you may have about the cost of treatment.

Ready to change your life with a new smile? Schedule your consultation with one of our experienced smile makeover specialists today!

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