Gum Disease Treatments in Bayside, NY

Targeted Gum Disease Treatments

For All Stages of Periodontal Disease

Miss Your Healthy Smile?

Mild, moderate and severe gum disease can affect your smile and your self-esteem. If you are tired of dealing with bleeding gums, bad breath and other gum disease symptoms, talk to us about a targeted gum disease procedure that will restore your oral health. Read our patient reviews to see how easy and effective gum disease treatment can be.

Comprehensive Periodontal Care to Treat Gum Disease at the Root

Dr. Nicholas Rallis works closely with Dr. Chris Chondrogiannis, an experienced periodontist, to ensure gum disease patients receive the comprehensive care they need. Since periodontal disease is a progressive condition, we need to get the infection under control as soon as possible.

Dr. Chondrogiannis has worked on all types of periodontal disease cases throughout his career and is a member of the American academy of Periodontology and Fellow to the New York Academy of Dentistry. He can put together a custom treatment plan that will treat gum disease and also prevent it from coming back.

Gum Disease Treatment Options
GingivectomyOsseous SurgeryScaling & Root PlaningLaser Gum Surgery
Minimally Invasive?NONOYESYES
What's Involved?Surgical removal of diseased gum tissue to clean out pocketsExtensive cleaning around the roots, reshaping of the bone, trimming of gum tissueDeep cleaning of the roots and polishing the teeth smoothPassing laser over diseased gum tissue to kill bacteria; gums heal naturally
Ideal for Treating:Moderate to Severe Gum DiseaseSevere Gum DiseaseMild to Moderate Gum DiseaseModerate to Severe Gum Disease

Managing Gum Disease After Treatment

If you are at risk for gum disease, there is always a chance that the infection will return even after treatment. We typically put our patients on a periodontal maintenance plan after treatment to ensure we are still keeping the gums clear of infection and everything is healing properly. We also measure periodontal pockets to see how quickly the gums are restored.

Protect your smile and maintain good gum health with the right treatment plan! Schedule your gum disease consultation with Dr. Rallis today!

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