Single Missing Tooth in Bayside, NY

Enjoy the Compliments on Your New Smile!

Address Your Missing Teeth

A single missing tooth in the front of the mouth can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. Missing teeth in the back of the mouth may not cause pain but they will be contributing to bone loss. We recommend dental implants to replace a single missing tooth because we have had such great results with this procedure. Dr. Nicholas Rallis works closely with Dr. Chris Chondrogiannis, an experienced periodontist and implant specialist, to rebuild smiles with a very natural-looking result. Schedule your dental implant consultation today!

Why Dental Implants Work

When it comes to replacing a single missing tooth, patients have the option to get a dental bridge or a dental implant. A bridge does help to correct the bite by filling in the space where the tooth is missing but it is attached above the gums. This means the bone where the tooth is now missing does not have anything to support or stimulate it. Over time, you will see a gradual loss of bone tissue beneath the bridge.

Dental implants, on the other hand, are secured into the actual jaw bone. The base of the implant stimulates the bone so the risk for bone loss is reduced. In addition, the dental implant looks and functions like your real tooth.

Permanent Solution for Restoring Your Smile

Dental implants are a permanent solution for restoring your smile. We can restore your smile in just a few visits and you can enjoy that new smile for years to come. Dr. Rallis and Dr. Chondrogiannis have extensive experience replacing missing teeth and use only the highest quality materials.

Get that missing tooth replaced quickly and enjoy the compliments from your new smile! Schedule your dental implant consultation with Dr. Rallis today.

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